new girl crush

dear alice dellal

i like you girl.

∆ rojas ∆

rojas 08 collection is entitled industrial obsession
sticking to its title , the womans and mens holiday line is a combination of
dynamic shapes, loud patterns, and edgy cuts . 
check out rojasonline.com for purchase locations

womans 08 collection favorite: 


† michel berandi †

my new obsession.

love and hate will balance things out
i create you because i love you
i destroy you because you are imperfect
separating and smashing
potential and probability
intention and compulsion
ending and beginning
this time
always this time
i will get it right
i wlll destroy the imperfect you.
( website introduction )

every now and then i come across a collection that will really leave me speechless.

enough said.


i purchased the YSL pure black limited edition lipgloss a while ago and it had been lingering in my makeupdrawer for awhile but now i think is the right time, weather and season to get it out.i absolutly love it - looks great with a extremely light eye and soft cheeks.
very pure and rich, not like pasty halloween makeup. i think black can be done, as long as its done correctly.
thoughts / feelings ?


Galactic Ballet A/W 2008

its never too late, season behind or not. 
check out her recent 09 collection as well.


posso holiday.

all photos via posso the spat holiday lookback.
love it - spats in white? yes please!
i own the black croc leather spats and believe me when i say its the 
best investment ive made to my wardrobe in a very long time.
im glad the girls are reaching around outside and now making belts and handbags
cant wait to get my hands on some of the new stuff xx


part deux.

i told you from the start just how this would end
when i get what i want , then i never want it again.


watching you suffer feels much better to me.

( photo - ©christopher gooden.)

autumn face.

im really into this girl , victoria wallace. i read she's going to be one of the top 5 faces for the season via. stylenoir. id have to agree. shes getting picked up left and right for beauty editorials , for obvious reasons. absolutely stunning.


james piatt.

2 years ago i came across a site called james piatt.

actually - let me start over.

2 years ago i found the "dead cat bag" while searching advant garde accessories online. i had completely forgot about it up until tonight when i "refound" it in some blogs top 100 handbags of the year. the dead cat bag is still up for grabs and there's a few othes on the site i wouldn't mind shoving my life into. not only is the price range grade a for your new best friend, but this is also the perfect conversation piece for any outing. beats that louis vuitton all over print carrier.


ivan grundahl.

every fabric,texture,fold,pinch,tuck in black. what more could i ask for?
looks like a more feminine and tamer yohji yamamoto 

dear daphne guinness

i love you

socialite and heiress of the guinness family, daphne guinness, shot by steven klein for vogue italia sept08. 


manish arora.

Just a few pieces from manish aroras autumnwinter 08/09 line. i absolutely love the gladiator war theme throughout. and can we talk about the headwear? fucking amazing. the runway show also features one of my favorite accessories to spice up your dogs, spats! 


 30 year old yang du is a surrealist fashion designer unlike any other. 
her concept? "falling in love is a risk!"
and falling in love with her collection is not hard to do. her combination of mix colors and ultra rich textures make it almost impossible not to notice. shes worked under other brilliant hands in the fashion industry including vivienne westwood and john galliano. this collection reminds me a lot of jeremy scott but a little " heavier" if you will. i know i always tend to head in the direction on the darker side but i really do like the oversized colorful pieces! 


yours truly - ©KMC 2008.


if coats could kill

Acne double belted trench coat

Gareth pugh quilted leather jacket

Religion Double Breasted Leather Coat

Rick owens black leather jacket

Rick owens lilies double layer black cashmere jacket