this is the beginning of the end.

First things first - i have been searching high and low, every corner of the Internet world, every possible search engine imaginable for these boots and finally , yes FINALLY, they are mine. Sort of a "Cinderella story", if you will. I found these gems on eBay for a buy it now price that was a fraction of the original value. Thinking this defiantly had to be too good to be true, I bought them, payed for them, and was just waiting to hear from the seller about when she would send them. Before she could even contact me, eBay sends me the worst possible email ever. Informing me that the sale has been canceled and my money returned. I can honestly say I was sick after reading. I knew it was too good to be true. The next morning I received and email from the seller letting me know eBay was full of shit and she used the word " like" in her description which is why the sale was canceled. She told me that I could simply pay pal her the money and she would send them over. This seemed extremely sketchy. I mean yeah true, I technically already "won" the shoes so she must have them. Its not like some shit you find on craigslist. Long story short, I sent her the money, we kept in contact for the next few days via email and on friday - poof! there was the box at work! super stoked and very pleased. the boots fit like a glove! it was worth the little bit of stress i was feeling up until receiving them.

perfect .

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ALANNAH said...

I am so jealous and in envy of you! I want/WOULD DIE to have those!...arrrggggg!