zippity doohdah..

lara stone • isabeli fontanatoni garrnedita 

i appreciate a good set of tits on a skateboard. 
and even more in a pair of rodarte heels (and maybe miu miu i cant quite tell).
a little birdy told me about this and theres a certain set of eyes in philly that claims to read this blog that may actually appreciate our worlds of skating and fashion colliding. or maybe its just tits&skating colliding with the help of a pair of good shoes.
either way - id like to have one of these in my home.
preferably #2.

doodah x Knoepfel-Indiekofer Supermodel Skateboards

dsquared spring 2009


dec 30th attire is heavy metal.

my boots were falling off so i had to get them a belt. or two.

i added a thin silver studded belt and a rampage multi studded belt to my outfit this morning.
just not around my waist.
simply wrapped it around 3/4 times around the boots and voila ! whats wrong with accessorizing your shoes ?
 it ended up being a great conversation piece, especially on philadelphias wonderful public transportation system..

cheap monday mens shirt , american apparel leather leggings.


lovisa burfitt

im mad crazy about these hats.


melanie pullen you are mine!

finally ! after a year of searching for this book ( i have no idea why or how it took this long to get in hardback ) thanks to amazon its finally mine! melanie pullens ingenious fashion crime photography includes pieces by chanel and bvlgari and are all based on actual crime scenes thanks to files from the los angeles police department and the county's coroners office. this book is a must have for anyone interested in fashion photography!

santa  you have been soooooo good to me this year. x


trust me. i hate u too.
but i love these ts

for information on sizing and ordering , 
email info@ihateu.it


†nicholas kirkwood†

the shoe box
plainview, ny.

newyork, ny.

seven newyork
newyork, ny.

madison international
beverly hill, ca.

santa monica, ca.

atlanta, ga.


choking on the s/s 09 accessory report 


are you fucking serious?

scarlett johannson is selling her snot rag on ebay for charity.
whatever happened to writting a check?

johnciamllo contact sheet 2.


johnciamllo contact sheet 1.

dec 17th attire.

black tights, black DIY side cut leggings , white DIY american apparel deep v tshirt, 
black express tube top, american apparel circle scarf, pickles!

really stoked on the leggings i cut last night...

this picture really doesn't show it off well but i cut square boxes down each side of my leg. measuring about an 1.5 wide.
i was ODing on a little brian litchenberg at the time of modification haha
they definitely look better without the tights underneath but its about ohhhh -32498 degrees in philadelphia currently
so we wont see that for a minute.

the top was just ripped by hands  - i started to stretch it out then got scissor happy. oh well


total world domination.

its no denying i have a very unhealthy obsession with rick owens and gareth pugh. spawning a few years ago and slowly approaching a full on addiction.

many of you may not be aware that pughs work is being overlooked by the eyes of owens wife, michele lamey, who oversees production and structure on all of his collections. with that being said the day has finally come when both owens and pugh join to create an undeniable force in menswear. what could be more exciting? gareth pugh has dabbled in menswear before in a few of his collections but rick owens runs seniority. im really looking forward to seeing the results of the duo, knowing it will be nothing short of fucking breathtaking.


shit for your shirt.

so a few people have asked me what the deal is with the tshirt.
honestly - i have no idea. we never got the shirt, so i never saw it nor did i hear anything about it till early in the week . conrad over at philthy beat me to the blogging!

so if you  haven't heard, the tshirt was 1) pulled last week due to "bad press" as cited on many websites. or if that doesnt do it for you theres the UO spokesperson who told newyorktimes 2) "the tshirts were actually pulled because they werent selling that well " further stating "the head merchant is open to finding other products that support gay marriage and carry the same message but will be more popular". ( LAist )

so depending on what site you clicked on , the story wavers.

what do you think?

william tempest , i love you.

s/s 09


skin deep calender!

can be purchased here.
you get the calendar when you purchase the current issue!

weekend attire.

night 1. complex geometries black square hood t / DIY tights / witch boots.

night 2. american apparel bat wing sweatshirt, flat black leggings, opera glove , metal finger ring, witch boots.

i only brought my little black pvc suitcase, so my options on footwear were slim. 
my boots from ebay should be here any day now. fingers crossed.