maison martin margiela artisanale collection

a real economic recession collection.
( ©photos -  diane/a shaded view on fashion )

iris van herpen - fragile futurity

destroyed inspiration xxx

The Vault - Manson & Cole - Fashion Rocks 06

one of my favorite spreads.
i wish he did more fashion work like this.
now that pughs mensline is out - im hoping a collaboration can be in the works.
fingers crossed.


The Vault : 95 VH1 first FMA - Thierry Mugler

remember vh1 fashion music awards? remember it being this good?
( 5th girl down look familiar? ivanka trump at 14 )


kris van assche aw 09

i can not get enough menswear.


if i had to purchase a pair of "sneakers"...

fingers crossed someone can help me find these KTZ puffer platforms - size 8 / 8.5
i knew i should have bought them before they sold out.

my favorite from the GP collection

i decided this piece needed its own spotlight.
one word : silhouette 

probably the greatest day of my life...gareth pugh mens collection.

this entire collection has left me speechless. 
i spent my break at work viewing the pieces and wishing i was a man -not that i wouldnt wear any of these if they were to be thrown on my lap now . i really didnt expect any less from gareth pugh  - heavy edge w/ an early  90's NIN grunge feel - S&M at its finest. its rather exciting when you've been following a designer since their first collection - to see the transformations in style and the aesthetics from one season to the next. easy to say - instead of sitting here and depicting every single triangular piece ill leave it at this - he can do no wrong x


nicholas morely

both are a little heavy in overall print for me but something keeps me looking back at these nicholas morely pieces. domino print is a rare and a great play print for spring so thats a plus - as far as the dress : upgrade on the two layer cut / downgrade on the black heavy trim ( and anyone know where i can get those tights she has on? ayyyoo! )