lattaaa suckaaaass - off to nyc for the weekend x

california dreaming .

hedi slimane / nicola formichetti / alex & larsen.


thank you to a one hunter wallace thompson for opening my eyes, and ears, to patrick wolf.



bedtime story.

japanese goth by tiffany godoy & ivan vartanian

its out . available . and needs to be in the palm of my hands by the end of the weekend.

another catwalk from sydney...


nicola finetti spring/summer 09/10 - australian fashion week

in a galaxy far far away....

the posso universe is officially up and running .


kitten claws.


drowning in sex 

devon aoki  / vogue nippon june 2009


new skins 09

gori de palma new skins fall 2009
i fucking love it. always turning the tables - never a fan of denim but i love this heavy bleached look.
and that chandelier fringe skirt? yes please.


perfect timing.


( from tumbler via 3249134981 people. email me if its your original - i apologize )

realitystudio s/s 09.

berlin based s/s 09 collection entitled botanik is a mixutre of night & day.
sheers and mesh are officially the basics of my summer.

black truth/white lies =

for the life of me , i can not remember where i came across this line of jewelry - i did however, make plenty of sticky notes for it on my desktop including " i really like this shit " and " this shit would look great wrapped around my neck" . yeah real fucking descriptive i know.
i only showed a view items but trust me, theres more and clearly might be surpassing in my alex & chloe obsession 



not related to fashion in anyway shape or form.

off from work / hung out with this little guy 


maybe old...

but new to me. the february issue of jalouse. xx


dreams do come true.

leave it to american apparel - ingenius -  i knew it would come back.
nylon tricot hooded swimsuit $ 48.
grace jones.
fuck swimming . 
ill be wearing this and witch boots in the full heat of the summer.

definitely fall - and definitely great DIY potential

you can thank the rain for this one.

the last three days have been completely miserable weather - my desire to shoot attire has been weak. 
yet again another from last weeks shoot with ken. xx

numero 1 inspiration.

when people ask me what is inspiring i wish i could show them these images in the form of a david lynch film.


numero/august 2007.


vogue / brazil 4.09.

the perfect dress.



newchickensh!t / my favorite sh!t

send this to meeee.
keeps getting better & better every time.


they did it again.

first dazed and confused march 2009 / now anthem spring 2009. please. killing me.
whatever "relationship" is going on here, i need it.

ash stymest & eliza pressly

dazed may.

i give beth ditto a lot of shit but i really love the cover of the may dazed and confused xx

...or sundays for that matter.

i fucking hate sundays. the worst day of the week. 
last sunday i was crawling into bed at 7 am , this sunday i was up by 7 am and watching the reunion of rock of love tour bus . on the commercial down time , i went over to i dont like mondays and took a quick gander at the 5 preview shirts which ive been looking to get my skin into for quite sometime ( following closely in favorite behind the ski mask mickey mouse comes the black flag stars shirt ) - on that search i also found the ground-zero carebear utopia leggings. i dont even know if i could ever see myself wearing these but they definitely touch on my softer side. yes true, i may be a cold hearted bitch but at one point in time i was a little 4 year girl with a high brown pony tail and polka dot suspenders clenching tightly to her Wish bear.
ah memories. 


400th post.

i like to feed on broken hearts
there aint no taste like lovers falling apart