black truth/white lies =

for the life of me , i can not remember where i came across this line of jewelry - i did however, make plenty of sticky notes for it on my desktop including " i really like this shit " and " this shit would look great wrapped around my neck" . yeah real fucking descriptive i know.
i only showed a view items but trust me, theres more and clearly might be surpassing in my alex & chloe obsession 



Stompface said...

Yes, I need this to go around my neck also.


noirohio vintage said...

these are so good!!

O.C ROCKS. said...

Nice Bracelet !

Does Not Equal said...

Hey Dirtyflaws, Does Not Equal here... We just saw this blog by chance, and had to write to give you the heads up that we now ship to the US, as well as the UK.
So you can wrap some DNE around your neck now.