its finally here.

i know i always say some little bullshit after i post something im head over heels in love with like " oh well you know my birthday is in june so i wouldnt mind anyone getting me this"... but seriously - SERIOUSLY - this is an ultimate must have.

a month or two ago i talked about the possibilities of gareth pugh doing a barbie for matel ( which were high and noted from many reliable sources ) . the story sortof faded out and i hadn't heard anything so i figured it must have been one of those too good to be true rumors. GUESS AGAIN SUCKKKAS -  in photo flesh i present to you:

now of course after seeing this i hopped onto every site imagainable to see where i could purchase it - thinking in my head, oh yeah maybe i could snag one up im sure there not THAT much. 

yeah. right.

so if your looking to win me over in any way shape or form  take note - fuck the jewelry & flowers , forget the sweet nothings - because lets be honest... chances are your full of shit anyway. and as far as your feelings & emotions are concerned im pretty much over them too. bullshit aside. i just want this doll.

( photos from ebay)


Hunter said...

Girl, A.) what do we have to do to own that

B.) How do we get an internship with him?

C.) They have 2 seasons ago Gareth at Century 21 and Rick Owens

D.) Can you move here?

alex said...

can we make our own pugh barbies?

Ash Fox said...

i need this. this is the hottest ken i have ever seen. barbie would drop her pants for him upon sight! haha! love it!


May Kasahara said...

holy fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Society Hill said...

barbie totally regrets divorcing ken now.

Jenna said...


I'm crying... They are already sold out. You know they'll be on ebay for like $1000

Jenna said...

Excuse me $1600 on ebay. Not fair... not fair at all.

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

No fucking way.
This is the shit!