its never hard to tell when things are done.

ive opened my inbox to some pretty fucked up shit this past week - but shooting straight to the top of the list would be jewelry from aoi kotsuhiroi . the email itself made me want to see more. let me clarify something before i get any rants, by fucked up shit i mean in all sincerity that i absolutely love it . in fact i wasnt sure if i wanted to write anything about it at all and just have the photos do the talking - its really pretty speechless. it had my by the throat when i read human hair, phantom crystals, antique indigo fabric,
silk thread and “pit-fired” porcelain skulls were the key ingridents to some by far some of those most innovative pieces ive seen in quit awhile. 
once again, im just saying , my birthday is slowly approaching and i wouldn't argue having any of this dangling from my neck xx

aoi kotsuhiroi blog


Lola-Elise said...

I LOVE your blog, it just makes me smile. These jewellry pieces are so cool, but kinda disturbing..


May Kasahara said...

sooooooo incredible

Anonymous said...

i am willing to skin some scalps to make a cute necklaceeeee.