...or sundays for that matter.

i fucking hate sundays. the worst day of the week. 
last sunday i was crawling into bed at 7 am , this sunday i was up by 7 am and watching the reunion of rock of love tour bus . on the commercial down time , i went over to i dont like mondays and took a quick gander at the 5 preview shirts which ive been looking to get my skin into for quite sometime ( following closely in favorite behind the ski mask mickey mouse comes the black flag stars shirt ) - on that search i also found the ground-zero carebear utopia leggings. i dont even know if i could ever see myself wearing these but they definitely touch on my softer side. yes true, i may be a cold hearted bitch but at one point in time i was a little 4 year girl with a high brown pony tail and polka dot suspenders clenching tightly to her Wish bear.
ah memories. 


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link! i have been dying for some rad wedges and i think i've found just the site!

robyn said...

I agree. Sundays and Mondays are te worst.

Stopped by your blog after seeing the link on Haute Macabre. I have to say I'm in love. Your blog and personal style is out of this world!