new love.

this women is fucking unreal - found her on "accident" if you will while rummaging through etsy.
beauty of etsy is coming across genius work your eyes have never been exposed to.
simple and sweet? far from it. her work is truly a style of its own channeling from a variety of eras.
id kill for this Lysistrata Bustle in all black with metal straps....to die.
and the this unisex scarf with leather strap - will be mine.
black, leather, and straps? of course i fell to it. and these are just the start of an incredible collection she's developed.

but dont take my word for it 
feast your eyes on 
artlab @ etsy 


+ said...

Wow, her stuff is beautiful! I'm gonna go lurk through the rest of her etsy <3

Anonymous said...

beauteful <33

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

oooooohhhhhh THANK YOU for sharing this! eeee!

Lezerlie! said...

I LOVE YOU ETSY. i will put her in my faves!

yoshi said...