no flash photography.

so i was in a rush leaving philadelphia on thursday and forgot the cord to my camera - so right now youll just have to deal with iphone pictures ( which so happen to not be too bad ) tons of great photos coming sunday x

the weather has , for the most part, been beautiful. alex and i took a stroll down to maison martin margiela . im a virgin to the store so it was a must see on this 34981309485 trip to newyork. took a few snaps of some of my favorites pieces - including the arrow necklace which is ten times more beautiful in real life vs any photo ive seen . a piece i would have easily entilted " fashion retails worst nightmare " the black small tagged vest was beyond incredible and i cant even begin to imagine the amount of small tags pierced.
it was really exciting to finally see pieces ive seen photographed time and time again and saved into inspiration folders on my mac.
mission accomplished.

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PinkBow said...

i'm very envious, i would love to be in ny right now. margiela store looks fab