TAR - not a fashion magazine.

kate moss by damien hirst for tar magazine.
the art publication really did one over with this cover - brilliant.

immaculate collection
© elle muliarchyk


Roddy said...

It reminds me of that goofy Madonna video.

dirtyflaws said...

hahahah that goofy madonna video also known as like a prayer

die tägliche revolution said...

WOW- can i just say WOW to the tar cover?
that's all i have to say, i think.


Roddy said...

Nooooooo. A little more recent. The first picture. "4 Minutes".

dirtyflaws said...

ohhhhhhhh gotcha roddy xx

Anna said...

Wow that's amazing! It's so nice to finely see something different.

Marianna said...

I really loved the whole story of the religious statues wearing today's fashion. So mischievous but cute and girly. I wonder what the religious people will think. Link to the funny interview about the making of the story: