6.23.09 //

/ alexander wang black baggy boaters dress /

i bought this dress at petulias folly 2 weeks ago and i forgot about it sitting in my closet up until today.
petulias folly is this boutique in philadelphia that i go into once in a blue moon / more or less to graze over shit and usually leave empty handed. not this time, and lucky enough, with my most comfortable purchase to date. 
they currently have a large selection from the aw classic t collection and some other cute nic nacs.

this mornings news // 21 days of rain this month in philadelphia. 
hey...weather...its june 23rd for christ sake, give us a fucking break - you do the math.


Nubby said...

Super cute, I love this look on you.

Amanda said...

love the bottom hem of the dress! i have to make it down to philly soon for some shopping. and nyc is having the same damn rain. it is depressing me to no end!

Leslie said...

all I'm saying is.. HOT TUSH MOMMA! i mean dress/shirt.

Sushi said...

Love your bracelets and the dress looks hot x Sushi

The Politic's Chick said...

Another Philly Baby?

Sweet...and so is that dress.

Thanks for the listing the name of the site, it's a virtual treasure trove. You going in for the Wang pieces at Gap?