of course it sold out in 2 days - why wouldnt it?
fuck think before you act , i knew i should have just bought it when i first layed eyes on it.

zip bat shoulder dress / pixiemarket.


For Love not Money said...

I know, I did the exact same thing.

So amazing, so annoyed i missed out.

By the way - absolutely love and adore your blog!


Momma Moose said...

Awww Nic that dress would look so cute on you.You never know you just may be able to find it.I know you,if you want it bad enough you will never give up!

Ash Fox said...

i love it and the photo is so glam! lady gaga probably scored the last one..hehe.

so good for bunnies said...

I loved that dress too! By the time I got home from work the day it was posted it was already gone in my size. There's no time to ponder a piece when it comes to pixie market, I find that when your gut screams buy, you better buy or it'll be gone by morning!

Amanda said...

i wasted time BLOGGING about it instead of buying it..it sold out so quick.