chickdowntown giveaway //

chickdowntown and dirtyflaws have teamed up to give one lucky reader this elizabeth and james gray deconstructed t !

what do you have to do to get your skin in this?
 leave a comment on this post including your name , email address ,
 and why you would like this piece added to your wardrobe
its thats simple. amuse me upon answering . trust me - a good laugh always prevails 

// winner will announced wednesday july 1st //


Anonymous said...

Marissa Raybuck

Adding this deconstructed t would allow the greater population to further mistake me for a guy.

Anonymous said...

I live for deconstructed vintage feeling shirts, I had a few of them and people would askto borrow them and I'd say "pick another shirt!" hahaha an. Ow it seems I've miss placed both , so I'd love to add this to my tshirt collection. She would fit it in with the balmain and margiela just fine.

<3 crossing my fingers

I'm also a designer working on new pieces , I'd love to send you a piece or two to wear :) let's talk
I'm Daniel

Tasteless_Candy said...

Love in a tub.

Silent Doe said...

NAME: Natasha
EMAIL: TheSilentDoe@gmail.com
WHY: I think it's a great basic piece for a wardrobe, you can wear it so many different ways. I like the fact that you can dress it up or dress it down. I also like the neckline and the fact that it doesn't look like it would come up all high and choke you like cheap shirts doo, and in the end, it looks comfy as shit compared to the stiff, $5 hanes shirts.


Anonymous said...


i think i NEED this shirt because i just need another tee that you can see my nipples through, to piss of my husband =)

oh and i am unable to afford this item at this time, so GIVE IT TO ME!

Anonymous said...

Why: Because my attempts at homemade, casual,"oh I just roll out of bed looking hot" shirts just make me look like a lazy bum...I need something to conceal that fact, not emphasize it.
Name: Marina
E-mail: scotty_knows_25@yahoo.com

Jonze said...

I think the fact that I'm a unemployed and broke means that a) I can't afford this tee, but I've always loved it, so winning it is my only option for getting it and b) when I get desperate and start begging for money on the streets, I can look downtrodden but feel awesome in a sweet designer tee!

denise said...

qwaszx024 (at) gmail (dot) com

because I want to stay cool in the heat. because I could use more throw-on-because-I-only-have-2-minutes-to-get-ready-in-the-morning shirts. because this shirt looks more comfortable than my pjs.

Ann Diana Dinh, said...

ah I really want this. This looks so cute.


Anonymous said...


i have really random things in my closet, weird and plain and simple, and i'm always looking for either to add to it. i don't have any simple awesome shirts but i've been looking for a cute white shirt lately, but nothing really struck me enough that i wanted to buy it, besides already worn in stuff is the best anyways!

Catherine said...



It looks comfy and comfy always wins with me. And it appears to have five little holes, and five is my favorite number. Hence why I'd absolutely love it besides the fact I'd try to wear it every single day.

Taryn said...

because my DIY attempts will never measure up. expensive but it looks home-done.

Lain said...

Lain Tate


I'm broke and want a shirt that I can wear with leggings to work everyday as a server. I absolutely love elizabeth and james and would adore this piece. I would wear it til there are more shreds in it. I love it to pieces.. literally.

valerie2350 said...

this looks soooo comfy :)

b. said...


(a)because i fucking live in a terrible small town
(b)because i own no expensive designer clothing because i'm poor
(c)because the blogs i read, such as yours, allow me to daydream about owning such clothes
(d)because i ADORE this shirt
(e)because i live in a fucking small town

Anthony Wallace said...

Hey, I'd love this piece, cause I'd use it to do a sweet photoshoot of a cute girl wearing it. And I'll share the photos to exhibit on this blog if you want. :)

Anthony Wallace
anthony (at) anthonywallace (dot) com

vultures said...

Love grey.

Will anyone be able to tell that the t-shirt is worth nearly a hundred bucks and not something I had begun to use as a dishtowel? Fuck no.
But I'll know. Therefore I want this merely for the wicked pleasure of walking around wearing 'oh, this old thing' in all my smug, omniscient-asshole glory.

(Alright, alright - I admit the fact it looks soft as hell is also tempting...)


Anonymous said...

Amy Hagar

I'd love this shirt because all of mine are too tight and make me very uncomfortable. PLUS, I admire mary-kate and ashley's style, and taste in designing, I just cannot afford anything from this line yet.

Jamie Jasta said...

Jamie Newkirk

As most people know, i have a pretty basic style, never drifting far away from solid color vnecks and jeans. i feel that this shirt will be that baby step forward toward evolving my wardrobe into something more.

Anonymous said...

im preggers and it looks hella comfy!
katie beehner

hélène said...

You can never own too many loose fitting t-shirts! My daily uniform is jeans and a t-shirt and this one is simply perfect!!


heleen db said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm Jessie and my email is jessiegamarra@live.ca and I want to have a whole new wardrobe by the end of the summer.

I'm going to New York for three weeks to take part in a photography course and this shirt would just add to the "that's right, I look hot and I'm not even trying"/"not-so-starving artist" look I'm going for.

Also, it looks extremely comfortable and would probably keep me pretty cool (weather wise and looks wise) in the heat.

n_at__al_ia said...

Because your effing rad, and that shirt is effing rad.

and australias a far way away from elizabeth and james.


zaco said...

because i once had a count down clock until the day mary-kate and ashley turned 18.

Laurie said...

I would love to win this shirt! It looks so comfy. Most of my tops are black so it would be nice to mix it up a little.


M E L I $ $ A said...

That shirt is refined yet rugged, just like yours truly.


Society Hill said...

I need this because, I'm super poor and can't afford to buy any new clothes with my chef at an elementary school salary (where I work even though I almost lock a kid in the pantry everyday).

Plus it would be a really awesome piece to bring with me to India, where I'm living for a year. It would fit in my bag along with my 14 million rolls of tp, and would get major use, while I'm burning to a crisp in 104 degree weather picking chickpeas for hours.

Amy McGuire

Rackk and Ruin said...

molly conant

I want this because my freshman year roommate was obsessed with the olsen twins. . . at first i thought it was weird. . . but then i understood the attraction. ever since then i have been a faithful follower of their style and career. I would love to be the owner of one of their pieces. xx

babalisme said...

I need this to prevent me going out of the house naked or dress like the 80's.

Which is worse, I don't know.

All I know is that my wardrobe needs a lift, I still wear shorts that my mother bought me when I'm 14!!

Anonymous said...

Lauren aka LAMB

Lemme just state that I am obsessed with the Olsen sisters...true fact. I've wanted one of their shirts ever since they started E&J and the Row. I do make my own distressed shirts, but none of them come with the bragging rights of being made by fashion geniuses!!!

PS: My mother 1)hates that I love the Olsens, and 2)doesn't like my deconstructed creations. So this shirt would definitly put her over the top! HaHa Gotta have it!!!!


Tanyetta said...

I would like to try this shirt out. It would go great with my bootleg jeans.

What a great giveaway. Please, count me in. Thank you.

tanyetta at hotmail

Anonymous said...

because i will send u a pic of it on and u can post it.


JINJU said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JINJU said...


This Elizabeth and James shirt would seriously be worth more than my entire closet..Ive been trying to find a vintage looking shirt that i could afford, and this shirt just so happens to be MADE by marykate and ashley! i LOVE marykate, i have an excessive amount of pictures saved in my computer (kinda stalker ish ..i call it love..) i really do love her and adore all her outfits, and maybe this shirt can help me look like her (I AM A THICK DARK ASIAN GIRL).. hopefully.. i'd be able to look like her a tiny bit..
and i remember i asking my mom for her credit card during christmas, so i could buy this super cute e&j blouse.. and i seriously almost got spanked with a bamboo stick.. (my mom is super asian) ): yeah, no$$
but it would be an honor wearing this stunningly designed yet simple shirt!


^ p00? pee?... this email account is proof that i am not made of money..

marylee said...

FUCK THE OLSEN TWINS>>>I WANT this shirt so I can be ME in it! Its a dope ass, versatile mother fucking sexy shirt that will look amazing with my goth boots and tequila shot!

Anonymous said...

hey! who won????


Julie said...

Because I'd love to slip in and out of this deconstructed beauty.