my first attempt at a halter harness.
 i sewed it together by hand and added the two large buttons on the each side. 
im really happy with how it turned out, especially for my first one.
wore today with a bdg mens shirt and tights - it surprisingly held up. 
making another one now , more of a cage/halter dress.


Shannon said...

That looks killer! I love it.

Blair said...

OMG I love that.Have you thought about maybe doing a white one? It might look sharp over all black.Love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

love the harness. i want one sooo bad..to wear every single day..alone or over something - i don't care!!

thx for lurking my blog. i totally dig yours.. A LOT and will be following..

Eric Saeter said...
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yoshi said...

OMG can we see a back shot?? =)