mwah . ha . ha.

i told you not to cross me.

apparently you didnt get it.
amongst many other things.

but topshop did.

be afraid cropped vest // $32

nuclear power plant.

ozone layer.
raphael young • a/w 09 

catching up with dora

i hadnt caught up with dora mojzes since the last time i blogged about her -
so tonight when i saw she had an official website up and running i nearly lost it. 
not only is it one of the must interactive and eye catching designer sites i have ever been to
but her music playlist is grade a. her biography via tool, collections to the sounds of nine inch nails...

this girl won my heart. 



// depeche mode // l'officiel 6.09



// lulu & shash //

the year of the glove. just one or both hands. three fingers or none at all. 

lulu and shash at etsy 

read it and weep.

woven baskets, mirrored emotions and underestimated statements.

bregje cox


oaknyc // both wearing selections from a.ok



thanks stylenoir xx

ive been following stylenoir since the beginning 
and i can not thank james mills and the staff enough for the feature on dirtyflaws xx
in case you have not been acquainted with one of the top fashion reads and an all time personal favorite - 

galatic gate keeper /////

©yves borgwardt

/ wardrobe, jewelry, shoes - triple threat julie eilenberger /



liquid suspension xx

a different approach to leggings
suspended hold / available at blackmilk

stalker xxx

i can almost promise you all of these will be sold out within 24 hours. 

ready. set . stalk.

stylestalker x pixiemarket.com

my neck / my back


//back view of the stern posture collar // scarlet bliss // kencredible


these . boots.

numero #105 // boots.

dear fall.

you couldnt come soon enough.

love nik.

• jeremy laing RTW fall 09 •

scarlet bliss //

// yours truly in a stern posture collar // scarlet bliss // ©kencredible


was that you going through my laundry?

fashionroadkill first posted this look alike. 

H&M has been doing it all season so I dont know why this comes as any shock
 that they got their ever so creative minds set on a very similar recreation of this BL dress.

 "imitation is the highest form of flattery"
design reflecting -

chain gang ]]]]]

© cedric pradel

tribal inspired chain links by annabelle baldero lacuna 
keyrings & gromets.


shoe kick ••

ld tuttle / the bard / oaknyc.com

the vault : d mag // black metal barbies 08

illuminati had me looking at more works by antonella arismendi, 
where i came across black metal barbies, an older fashion editorial from d mag.


i spent the morning at studio 5 south shooting pieces from scarlet bliss / latex neck cincher and the face mask . two pieces ive been extremely interested in getting my hands on.  and after getting my face into the mask i can honestly say that was a one time only - i give credit to anyone that can wear it longer then 5 minutes. 
the neck cincher however - something i think we will slowly seeing more of in 2010 runways x


†††† illuminati

taste it.

\\\ d mag  09 \\ antonella arismendi \ alex nestor & yamil castiglion