broken aura // ella haberlach

At its crux, this collection defines human interaction with the World, building infinite layers of protection,
 guardian architectures, that allow us to indemnify our exposed fragilities.

autumn / winter 2010 collection 
•broken aura•

its extrememlly difficult to write an introduction to a collection thats imagery is so overpowering.
my undying excuse of " ill let the pictures do the talking " is wearing thin, so i better get it together.

 "fleshy scar jewelry"  and "fluidic make up " couldn't be any more accurate when describing 
this 2010 collection from seelenkleid by womens wear designer ella haberlach.

there is something grotesquely delicate and beautiful about the appearance of black bleeding flesh - wouldnt you agree?


Style Geek said...

I agree. This is somewhat grotesquely beautiful - even downright morbid but in that elegant way. Especially, the white dress without a head. Her back bones look a little freaky but still delicate and soft.


heleen db said...

Brilliantly photographed.

Amanda said...

the work is beautiful. i've had a folder of it stashed away for awhile now..

Anonymous said...

GREAT photos for this!!