diy or die // part 1.

busy off day? isnt that how it always works...
your off but you have a list of 349312098 things to do.
this morning i went over to urban outfitters home office to pick up my pieces for DIY OR DIE . 
i was only there for a few minutes but i ran into a few people who seemed just as excited about the event as i am!
theres still time to get a seat for sunday - read here for more details x
now i have a pile of silence and noise denim and chain jewelry laying on my bedroom floor , ready to be demolished.
just thought i would post a little sneak peak 

special thank you to that big thing we can the sun for the SWEET tan lines - almost everywhere. 
real classy , and slowly all the little freckles are appearing out from under. no thank you.
i officially hate summer.


Anonymous said...

is this you? i really love your hair. if it weren't for my husband and my job.. dumb.


Oh god, I hate it too. You look fab. X

Lou Caltabiano said...

Looking good, ma! I'm still so excited for your event...if I had an sense of fashion, I'd attend.

Pammy said...

sweet necklace. I'm so pumped. Look forward to meeting you!

Anonymous said...

Mmm heard about this event. And I"m excited to see what you come up with.

PS: I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times, but your hair is amazing.

Isabel said...

Your hair is amazing! Rad, wow.

Ashley said...

Ok I love your hair!!!! It is so amazingly perfect on you!
Oh, and the necklace is cool, also.


hélène said...

i frickin love your top

Ash Fox said...

wow how f-ing hot do you look? you would have looked perfect in that accessory lookbook above!