DIY or DIE .

sunday was the much blogged about DIY or DIE event at Urban Outfitters. 

In my attempt to look nice the sun and heat decided they would get together and ruin that for me.
 By the time I got off the subway my hair was flat and my makeup was running. im begging fall comes sooner then later.

The tutorials were short and sweet. For the 5 of us pretty much just "winging it" i think everyone did really well. 
We had no run through and I dont know about the other girls but I have never done a "how to" in front of an audience. 
So , being the comiedian that I think I am , I used alot of quick whit and humor. 
I did a short 6 minute run through on distressing and adding pieces to denim. 
It definetly went a lot quicker then expected and I hope everyone left with a little more knowledge on DIYing
( or at least one of the gift bags thanks to Urban )

thank you to everyone that came out - it was great to meet the other bloggers & winners of the contest as well as make new friends
( mel , email me those photos ! helen - call me this week x )


thanks to michael vorassi for photographing the event 
what i wore : american apparel mesh dress / american apparel spandex blk tube dress / witch boots / chris habana spike earrings 


imaghost said...

Gurl that dark eye makeup looks so good on you,EXTRA bitchy.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh! Can we learn too?

*cough*youtubevideo *cough**cough*

Anonymous said...

aw! that's my boy mark in the tank top! dig it!

frankie said...

Gotta have those pants!Love them!!!!

Alyssa said...

lmfao!!! is tha el roy and marky mark? i love those bitches. u look good ma.


omg i wish i coulda been there!! are u planning to do another session in september or october?? cause i might be in nyc!!

dirtyflaws said...

ayden - plan on doing videos real soon!

Amanda said...

your's DIY was the easiest to "get"..thanks for sharing dude. wish we could have talked-- come back to nyc soon!

marika said...

so disappointed i couldn't make it but it's good to see so many friends doing something inspiring and creative together. congrats on the success :)

champagne kisses said...

Nikki yur hair looks so dope n I got the same dress as u! lol

nat+milan said...

fucking gorgeous.

May Kasahara said...

GAHHHHHH wish I could've gone!