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claws out for this line by dominic jones.
black leather gloves with nails?
i really couldnt just pick one - the entire accessory line is essential.

alice dellal has never failed at being part of remarkable lookbook.
and matt iwrin has never failed behind the lens.


Roddy said...

I've NEVER thought Elizabeth Jagger was that appealing until now. Props to Irwin.

Jasmine said...

Love these pieces..
and i love alice's hair darker like that.
fucking love your blog, but never left a comment.

dirtyflaws said...

thanks jasmine xx

so good for bunnies said...

Fuck yeah! I love these pieces! Every single one is amazing, thanks for sharing!

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

The fingernail gloves!! Amazing.
Thanks for these! xx

Anonymous said...

Those gloves are fantastic. I love so many of the images you share on this blog. Thank you!

Yentl-Malou said...

Ann Sofie Back has leather gloves with nails in her latest collection. Just so u know