free people //

when i think of free people i think of neutral tones, delicate fabrics, soft wood jewelry pieces, etc.

too soft, too dainty / i need rough edges.

it was suggested to me a few days ago that i might actually like the new items for fall/winter 09/10. 
i never dreamed i would see a rhinestone chained bib on the website.
 triple harness? studded wrap watch? strategically placed ripped leggings ( ! that im dying over ! ) ? 
and thats only to name a few
baby steps.

looks like free people crossed the train tracks 


Anonymous said...

Haha! My sentiments exactly! FP is usually very bohemian, but this fall collection has certainly picked up the metal trend!

Ahhh! So much stuff to buy!

Shannon said...

OMG that watch! And those boots! And those leggings! Damn. Totally just changed my perception of Free People.

Amanda said...

yeah they've crossed over for sure. was never really into free people until recently- i hated the bohemian thing. i'm thinking of getting those boots!

Momma Moose said...

Nic it's you,it's all you!

So Good for Bunnies said...

Totally fell in love with those boots a couple of days ago too!

Anonymous said...

Mmm...I love over the knee boots!

Isabel said...

I really really like those leggings! But they'd be such an easy DIY.