// high - jonathan kelsey

Shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey, writer Gregory De Roeck and director Sara Dunlop have come together to create “High”, a film inspired by Jonathan Kelsey, the brand.

i received an email from aiden aldred about the video premiere of "high" from jonathan kelsey a few days ago 
and set myself a reminder not to miss it this evening . 

and ive watched it 23487238957 since.


fawn lust said...

Dude, your blog is awesome. Just clicked a link off Is Mental and BAM! I'm kind of in love.

Great hair...

E.T. said...

Girl you need to phone home!Momma Moose is worried!!!!!!!

Ash Fox said...

the music made it for me.


jessie said...

great music. hot film. eerie in such a wicked cool way.