// Irina Shaposhnikova

im notoriuos for pulling images and then not remembering where or when i found them. 
this was filed under BLOG but unfortunately with no name. 
genius , i know. 

so after a little searching on this idea known as the world wide web i found it to be that of irina shaposhnikova.
reminding me alot of my all time favorite, i cant help but fall in love with the 3-d galactic tones.
the uncomfortableness look of the models on the runway gives me a feeling this is not filed under ready to wear.
but really / whose to say its not?

2009 /  graduate collection - crystallographica 



Irina Shaposhnikova 09 from pierre debusschere on Vimeo.

from russia with love xx


noirohio vintage said...

this is amazing. I love the shape of everything!

heleen db said...

The Royal Academy of Antwerp is renown to deliver talent - and this is the perfect example.

Hopefully I'll walk amidst this talent in 2 years but we'll seeee

Anonymous said...