mwah . ha . ha.

i told you not to cross me.

apparently you didnt get it.
amongst many other things.

but topshop did.

be afraid cropped vest // $32


Amanda said...

hell yeah, have my eye on this too

The Fashion Criminal said...

Bwahahaha! I need that shirt. Now. Great find. :)

SO. said...

hahaha god, they always have the best stuff! real nice..

heleen db said...

lol (yeah I actually laughed out loud)

Style Geek said...

LMAO! I need to get this for my girlfriend. She tries to be a badass and all butchy grrr but she's really just a softy. LOL

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Momma Moose said...

Love this for many reasons!

noirohio vintage said...

so good!!