was that you going through my laundry?

fashionroadkill first posted this look alike. 

H&M has been doing it all season so I dont know why this comes as any shock
 that they got their ever so creative minds set on a very similar recreation of this BL dress.

 "imitation is the highest form of flattery"
design reflecting -


Roddy said...

As if! Like I'd really be caught in something from Judy's.

Roddy said...

As if! Like I'd really be caught in something from Judy's.

dirtyflaws said...

im so fucking glad you got that hahhaa

Ash Fox said...

brian l's is a zillion times better.



Anonymous said...

which h&m is getting this one????


Magnetic Tape said...

Brian for the win!!

Ashley said...

Ahhh I totally did a post about this last week!!! And yes, the BL version is much much better.


Ashley said...

Aw and thanks for reading my blog!!! Love yours :)

josephine said...

Yeah... copies/"inspired" pieces can look good sometimes. This h&m dress is just bad though, no way to get around it.


Anonymous said...

fast fashion is all about making this attainable to the masses. thats what the brand has boasted, hence why they are one of the highest earning global retail groups out.

Blaike Alexandra said...

Great Clueless quote! haha. I love the blog!


ms. diva fashionista said...

It is okay for brands like H&M to essentially copy because it gets the designers vision of style out to the masses; that likely can not afford it. In a way the masses can pay homage to a great designer by inspiring to wear the clothes & will...one day but an item.