† black magic †

a girl that works at mac filled me in some exciting news while we were both at a party a few weeks ago 
- the launch of a complete soft goth line via mac.
i couldnt find any info till now - and the proof is in the pictures. really excited for this line!
can add it to the ysl gloss and urban decay oil.

us. launch september 24th


Style Geek said...

Wait - does that mean the black lipstick I wore religuously as a tween is going to be "in"? lol
I actually love the way the line looks. I'm gonna have to say up big time because those shadows look amazing. <3

Life, Love & the Pursuit of Fashionable People


The nail lacquers look amazing.

imaghost said...

Man this stuff is pretty amazing!I saw it at update and it's fucking hot.
It sucks that I won't be working for the event.

heleen said...

mmm the title of this post made me think of Dennis Black Magic, a Belgian porn producer.

Anyway, amazing stuff.

D. said...

in love with this!