epic celebration ///

i left my bat cave and spent saturday night at kens birthday/art opening celebration 
at the amberella gallery at the piazza in philly.

 the amberella galley is drowning in every shade of pink and i fucking love it. 
i know i cant believe i just said that either.
it is definitely my last color choice for just about anything but it seriously is adorable ! 

the show itself was rad / ken has been my friend before a photographer and i was blown away by all the images.
most of them i had seen before, but brought to life in print is so much greater then any online viewing experience.
i was able to catch up with sharon t.k and other models that ken and i 
have both worked with as well as run into a ton of old friends.
felt good to reconnect and especially see a few of the shots i had helped styles grace the gallery walls.
congratulations ken xx


Nina said...

That place looks incredible!

And I love your cake hat :)

dirtyflaws said...

yeah the cake hat is rad but that isnt me ;]

hawt.haute said...

aaand i'm upset because i was at the piazza for the block party! wish i stopped into amberella.. saw your picture on the big screen! i'll be sure to stop in and check out the gallery next time i'm there.

beba, said...

Photos look so nice. I wanna see them on my wall.

Peace and love!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming love, I had a damn blast!

amber lynn said...

awwwww!!! thanks for coming and writing about it!

May Kasahara said...

wow. WOW.
Pochacco tattoo FTW FTW FTW. This made my day
gorgeous photos.

Siouxsie said...

so I love that everything is pink, and then there's ken and his manly self. it looks awesome, yay for my latex photo!