• silk metallic jersey tank top •

• pleated light weight coulotte trousers •

• goat hair vest •

• metallic striped leather jacket •

• cut out metallic jersey halter tank top •

• wool insert leather legging trousers •

sometimes its fun to fill up your cart with everything - 
just to see how money it cost to make you really fucking happy.
and although completely out of my price range,
 its given me thoughts of reconsidering the throw away on metallics and shredded materials.
oxidize silver / goats hair / and leather inserts.
money does buy happiness. 
and happiness is an oversized medium, form fitting small and  27 pant.


new gareth pugh pieces  // luisaviaroma 


sara.notarobot said...

i LOVE the striped leather jacket.
end of story.

Amanda said...

dope picks! i would want that goat hair vest too

Natasha Camille said...

i love the goat hair vest too!


Ashley said...

wow the tanks are unreal! and the draping of the leather jacket is sick.


NADINE said...

all very insanely amazing!!!


noirohio vintage said...

jesus. those last pants & the hair vest are to die for!

JeffCohn said...

Hey hun, Added you to FB and here on the blog :)

You wanna do makeup and styling tuesday afternoon on a TF* shoot? Lemme know if you're around and available.



Anonymous said...

hell yes.