urban decay strike 2.

i passed by sephora last week and the window display of the new urban decay
 line pretty much fucking mezmorizied me with the model wearing a dark grey/black shade of lipstick.

i should have known it was too good to be true.

it looked way too smooth, way too slick, and way too perfect.

i went ahead and bought the urban decay lipstick primer
( which is a "must have " for the color to stay on your lips - cough bullshit cough)
and then the lipstick itself. 

with primer, without primer, barely anything.

oil slick is more like an oil gloss. it leaves this shimmery " i look like i just ate black crayon " tint on your lips.

any suggestions? does anyone else own this and had better results then i did?
maybe im doing something wrong.
i was pretty sure it was . open. apply. pucker. done.
 but i could be wrong


Anonymous said...

It's almost Halloween so if you want that thick black lipstick got to Party City... My gf just got me one from there and it looks black, real black. I know the cheap oily look you're talking about and I usually equate that with dollar store lipsticks.

Life, Love & the Pursuit of Fashionable People

Kencredible said...

Here is your desire,...


LMizzle said...

The same thing happened to me when I bought it. I ended up returning mine. I'm just going to wait for the Style Black collection from MAC to come out. It's going to be HOTTTT

heleen said...

"i was pretty sure it was . open. apply. pucker. done."

ahaha. right.

Alice Manninen said...

Ahhhh ha, that happened to me when I bought a lovely bloodish wine color lipstick... Instead of a sexy red lipped queen I thought I would be I turned out looking like a kid that played with mommy's lady pink lip stick.

BIG HINT ( it will sound weird but try it)

Lightly brush your lips with your tooth brush, this will remove the dead skin (don't be vain we all have it, even if you can't see it), pat dry and but some regular chap stick on (no gloss, no shimmer, plain chap stick COLORLESS!!!. DON't go crazy with the chap stick just dab. Wait for around 1 min, wipe off the chapstick and put a light layer of black eye liner (yeah you read this right), I suggest the sephora one because mac or even the chanel liner is just to greasy for lips, then apply the black lip stick, don't chunk on so much that it looks cakey, just enough to get the color on. It should look like a matted black.

Hopefully this works for you. Black is a VERY hard color but try it out.