aRmor jewelry xx

received a very sweet gift the other day from sandee over at armor jewelry 
and at such perfect timing to complete an outfit for fashion week!
i can honestly say it hasnt left my ear since.

i wore it out to the gareth pugh presentation (photos below ) - 
the length is perfect and it fits so snug behind the ear i didnt worry once about loosing it.

piece is sick and a complete staple - the dellah ear cuff. 
obviously an excellent choice for any lady with little to no hair, but whose to say long hair ma's cant have fun?


Siouxsie said...

holy crap. i want.

Anonymous said...

omg, i've never seen such agreat piece of jewelry for my ears!

i'm officially following your blog!

yoshi said...

so glad you got that piece!!! LOVE!

jaassnnaa said...


Anonymous said...

omg! perfect.