exclusively divided.

today was a double whammy in first greatest.
mac soft goth style makeup collection and the divided exclusive for h&m.
darkness for your face and darkness for your body. what more could i ask for?

hands down my best h&m experience. i went to the 34th street location and for 9 am everyone was in an ecstatic mood - very willing to help and eager to see how the pieces looked as i tried them on. since today was the drop im sure in store there was a anticipation for a little bit of mayhem but then i forget. its fucking new york . its always crazy when the doors open. i had no problems finding my sizes and left with 2 dresses, zip tunic, fur jacket (reminding me of something michele lamy might be seen galavanting around in), bracelet and belt from the collection. price point of ED ranging from 24 - 179 .
borderline mix of gaga and a early 20s wednesday addams.
overall i think it beats the majority of the designer collaborations they have done in the past.

i had a little bit of time to kill after the clean sweep so i took a mini trip straight through macys and to the mac counter to creep on the new black makeup line. i walked away with the midnight media semi-mat and cremesheen black knight lipstick.
in the past few months i have managed to purchase every single shade of black lip anything and half have been a complete waste of money ( minus the high gloss ysl ) can your urban decay and get this mac line

tight on cash ? no problem - halloween is in full gear at your local cvs. 
just ask the 19th and chestnut street location i visit regularly. 
ive cleaned them out of skull hand gauntlets, killer eyelashes ( no seriously they are called killer ) and lady death lipstick.



Kashaya said...

Will you be posting any picture with the lipstick on? Would really like to see how it looks!

I love the studded H&M bangle.

For Love not Money said...

Fucking rad purchases. Fucking rad post.

That's all one belt isn't it? Goddam I wish Australia had H&M.

Yet again I am envious of your....well everything really. Too awesome.


Siouxsie said...

fucking jealous.

robyn said...

where was all this stuff when i went to my h&m a couple days ago??? =(

great haul!

Malu said...

I love your outfit!
You’re blog is really inspiring to me:D


hln.cstll@yahoo.com said...

oh hey girl, im borrowing all that and/or sleeping in it via your massive bed when i come down next week,thx youre a peach.

Style Geek said...

~ Sexy Black Lips ~
I hope girls wear it. (*__*) It's such a seductive color. And I hope it carries past Halloween. There's an elegance and beauty in darkness that not many understand and so it scares them. I can see some being nervous about trying a black lip.

BTW I totally I agree wiht what you said on Style Noir. I would like to see people be more open about that side of themselves. It actually makes them very exciting and interesting people.

~Style Geek
Life, Love & the Pursuit of Fasionable People