i am my own creation.

awhile ago a small discussion was had on fake blood photo shoots - well actually it was just because i had come across these horrific pictures of a very heavily tattooed half naked female in a bath tube which had blood sprawled across the tiles, her body and her face, and how could i forget the knife she had pressed on her chest. uh, ok? moving on, always seemed really fucking corny to me. as much as i do believe in the phrase " go big or go home" i also enjoy "is this shit serious? " and " are you fucking kidding me".

i met taylor moore a few months ago in newyork, then we transgressed into an online relationship thanks to your pick of any social network, but for some odd reason up untill now i had no idea he was a photographer - where did i miss this ?
i thought people just took really good photos of him when in fact he was taking really good photos of himself.

he posted speak of the devil last night and i can honestly say besides this matt irwin / robbie spencer masterpiece ,
this may be the second greatest bloody mess ive ever seen. 
maybe more then just a taste, since she is clearly lying in a gallon ton of blood , but holding my attention and making me relieze that fake blood really isnt that bad , or maybe it is, just depends on how you use it.

taylor moore you have succeeded in creating an american apparel ad nightmare 
that i couldnt be more in love with, album cover worthy shots and a new follower of east19th / apt 4 .



Karmalize said...

what more can i say that i haven't already? good things happen when you do what you want to do.

lamardemona said...

oh that mouth!