it was a monster mash.

hands down this might be the greatest dazed and confused of 09.
fucking genius collaboration for the october issue - a monster mash of facial and head structures thanks to 13 fabulous
designers - gareth pugh, marios schwab, roberto cavalli to name a few.

i have personally always had a mini vice for mask - but this is touching a little deeper than exterior beauty.
alexander wang said it best: "people tend to do things masked that they wouldn't normally do"
how true. being hidden puts you in a different state of mind.
and in this case, a different state of wardrobe.
that latex girdle ? yes please.

unfortunately for some of you fucking fools, 
your mask is the completion to that thing you call your emotions.


franken - fashion // dazed and confused magazine //issue 78 // october 2009

and of course - i saved the best for last .



Siouxsie said...

holy shit, i just got chills..reminds me of when we were hunting around for masks..

Ashley said...

This is beyond.


Momma Moose said...

Some of these remind me of a bad horror flick and others are pretty cool.But the best is the last line you wrote,that could be said for so many people.

josefin said...

this is amaazing

hawt.haute said...

one of my favorite posts by far! x

Le Fashion said...

i saw this yesterday and just knew you'd like it!