its here. with black armor.

london fashion week.

and a huge slap in the face that im in the wrong place at the right time.

this alien resurrection sophistication theme that ran rapid thanks to todd lynn at this seasons london fashion week
makes me second guess all that swearing off i did to any shade not derived from black. 
and congratulations - award for best outer shoulder padding. ever.

the next future months i see suits of all dimensions with every style of attachments raiding my closet, and maybe a few 
hair pieces thanks to many years of experimenting in european and silky straight weave.



trigg and trig. said...

stunning photos

Siouxsie said...

the white jacket with hair on the shoudlers...i need it haha.

SO. said...

nice, these all look so awesome...

For Love not Money said...

Holy shit....amazing.

I concur - best shoulders EVER.


Anonymous said...

these shoulder pieces are amazing!!!