NYFW // jill stuart

i didnt really want to OD on runway photos this week since you can find them on just about every single fashion related site
 but i will mention a few that completely did my brain in.

first glance i thought this was balmain.then i smacked myself in the forehead when i read jill stuart
galactic . 

its as if jill stuart got into a head collison with the fifth element. 
what was the crazy bitches name with the orange hair? milla jovovich character - yeah , she would be into this.

 and so am i.

 even with the electric blue. 

yeah, i cant believe i said it either.

jill stuart // ss 10 


josefin said...

looking good

Roddy said...

YESSSSsssss. Corbin Dallas. MULTI-PASS!!!

Inspiration Archery said...

the high fashion world needs to stop bangin out all these fashion goodies that i cant afford. fuckers..

gemma said...

holy hell them jill mesh knee highs are crack!

M E L I $ $ A said...

the electric blue is very yves klein, i embrace it! i couldn't believe it was jill stuart either.

louisa said...

ahhh!! i want every one of those dresses!

Phoenix said...