this will not become a shoe blog i promise.

my shoe closet happens to be a food cabinet.
yes i replaced non perishable items for 6 inch heels and thigh high boots.
6 shelves dedicated to the surroundings of my feet.

my mom was kind enough to contribute with these new favorites 
- topshop ny aggie boots in black. im fucking obsessed with these boots . 
they will be making a debut this weekend

last shoe post for awhile i promise.
i cant help it . shoes have always been a heavier vice.


josefin said...

amazing! i'm kind of jelly.

Anonymous said...

your undying dedication to your personal style is a complete inspriation. consistently dark by way of glamour, i adore you. you're style is ill.

Siouxsie said...

psh, i think you me and our killer shoes need to go to nyc sometime. seriously.

Like Porcelain said...

life is unfair

Miss Marie said...

I fell in love with the Aggie boots too. They are a bit too high so rather than breaking my ankles, they sit on my dresser draped in various pieces of jewellery! Gutted Payless don't ship to the UK, desperate for the Alice+Olivia Madisons... Your blog is the highlight of my day by the way. Thanks for soooo much! X

SO. said...

oh my god, your shoe collection is alsofuckingutely to DIE for. im just amaazed.

Jodes said...

Ahhhh, thanks so much for these images, now i can show my sister and boyfriend that no, you can't have to many black, high, studded, gothic, S and M style boots and shoes!

Oh, and if you hate the pink on the bottom of your Alice and Olivia boots just hit them with a cheap can of matte black spray paint.

It did the trick on some heels i had with a bright red sole. Just put some low tack masking tape around the edges so you don't get paint on the upper.

You are looking stunning as always.


j-shan said...

im jealous.
i would like every single pair of your shoes!

check out my new blog
shanrantings.blogspot.com :)