taste the fear.

not a fan of the vampire movement. 
am a fan of this.

its floating around everywhere on the web today.

vogue nippon // december 2009.
happy halloween.

on a side note, 
doing this blog for over a year and its still makes me blush when people approach me about it when i'm out.
i really appreciate everyone who takes any amount of time, wether a few seconds or hours, 
sitting on here looking through the visual fragments of my brain. 
its incredible where dirtyflaws has taken me . and hopefully some of you. 

tell your children

i first heard about photographer juha arvid helminen from cakeheadlovesevil early this week -
 pulling for my own personal inspiration, i thought these were too good to keep secret.
love to know more about where the styling techniques derived from - 
the story line behind the collection of images i found.
maybe im not looking hard enough

video form accompanying nordvargr does an incredible story depiction.

half warm.

im suppose to be getting a real winter coat but ive wanted this fur vest for awhile now.
fuck it, ill worry about the cold front when it happens.


// jesuisbelle

dalma dévényi & tibi kiss


09-10 autumn/winter

thank you tibi for the images xx



rasmus rohde // the motorcycle diaries of albrecht dürer



two things i still need to get before a cold front hits .
 a real winter coat, the various leather jackets are not cutting it. 
and a nice pair of boots. oh look !


AMSB #1 // rock hard , ride free

americas most stylish blogger // challenge 1 // boyfriend vest // model: helen

really stoked to finally be able to post these photos and talk about this incredible contest im involved in.
but in all honesty im not that good with words and this video is really cute!

with that being said - ive been incredibly anxious and excited to get this challenge started!

i really wanted to do something out of my element
 - well obviously,  its cobalt blue,  i dont know how much more out of my element you can really get - 
but also my edge tone. i threw my friend helen together with some rough boots, wider style fishnet tights,
judas priest tshirt , jewelry from dark matter la and a collection of 2349823 other places , 
little blacks shorts , boyfriend vest and top hat. 

down to the nitty gritty - 7 other ladies and myself are competing to be americas most stylish blogger - 
the widget to your right allows you to vote!  
every tuesday for 5 weeks we will be receiving a wardrobe piece from www.bluefly.com
to style however we chose - pretty sick right? 

visit bluefly.com, stylelist.com to vote ! 
or you can look below  xx

so stay tuned here for next tuesdys because im telling you its so good - i mean really really good. xx

antwerp blood.

photo © Etienne Tordoir

designer emilie pirlot // artesis hogeschool antwerpen // royal academy of fine arts 



shin murayama // project series entitled valhalla // proceeds go to designers against aids // available at idontlikemondays.us 


the secret life of boys.


indie magazine // jethro cave / cole mohr / patrick dine 


reinvented ghost.

saved the best for last.

the room // 10th issue // autumn - winter 09/10 


have the lambs stopped screaming?

©testmag // into the wild // mel bles // via lydia xx


little horn is born.

i lived with my friend bob for a few years and he more then others knows my love for shoes. 
i usually start an outfit there then work my way up - am i the only one?

love is an understatement.


shot my friend helen for the round one of AMSB.
friday drop - very excited, nervous , stressed, anxious sadjkslkdjassadfk . does that explain it?

religious imagery might be considered one of my favorite interest and friends of my mine were nice enough to let me sport theres.
as soon as i get a link to the shirt ill throw it up. its one of the few selected "graphic ts" ill wear xx


deeper intuitions .

eniko mihalik // numéro // #107 // 10.09


who are you answering to?

if memory serves me correctly at one point in time this was a baby pink shirt from american apparel. then my best alex chapman turned it into this shredded dress, he really mastered the fine art of alegra shred - lays fishtail on side but i have running around to do today so its pinned in the back , leather jacket covering. and in my failed attempts to dye it jet black it turned out burnt ash. 
thanks alex xx


with hearts in my eyes // fishtail skirt // 120 // bonadrag


lurve magazine // photography zana bayne // styling zana bayne & daniel georg sartore // cole mohr 

images via garbagedress.

rad work zana xx



they found her swimming in your blood stream.

the rings on her fingers in the last photo. i die.

dazed and confused // november 09