initially walking into the armory my eyes were drawn stage left to the white edge cut of s love.

actually , im lieing.
 i first noticed this rad chic wearing rick owens boots and literally lost my shit.

without saying as much as a hello on first meeting, the three of us were complementing each others exterior
and discussing ss2010 collections we found completely mind blowing.

sally and sarah are the driving force behind s love, a dyed with dark new york love collection of various one of kind pieces.
i fell in love with these girls. every piece holds uniqueness from the next , all hand dyed , soft yet edgy and an extra plus -
the runway shoes are all hand made by sally.
seriously? this chic is out of control xx
i could see every single article taking up pretty little space in my closet.

the lookbook is also permanent eye candy - imagery is fucking sick.
im ecstatic these two made it to the first philadelphia fashion week - its just the poison this city needed.
a new obsession has started .

 • huge thank you to jeff for suppling dirtyflaws with these exclusive photos from the runway •
fashionandadvertising or jeffcohn.blogspot.com
  for more xx

lookbook xx

runway introduction video tidbit xx

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Anonymous said...

Amazing...espesh the shoes!


zana bayne said...

I spy some Rick Fauxens!

Flora said...

I can't believe I missed the S.Love show!! but the pictures look GORGEOUS, that's how fashion and haute couture is supposed to look, it's a shame that some ppl didn't understand it.

dirtyflaws said...

i couldnt agree with you more flora - and yes zana!

michael said...

those shoes look like major cum rags, and that is not what couture is supposed to look like. Couture is hand sewn but isn't supposed to look handmade. Thank god i live in ny, im more spiritual now after having seen that

Elle said...

Those shoes are seriously delicious.