fallout and take the bait.

night one // complete suit and a diy headwrap that took 1.6 seconds // jewelry by dark matter la

im seriously just throwing up photos till i slow down on sunday afternoon.

new well dressed friends, new incredible designers and the few actual shots
 i was able to take that focused and weren't blown out by 2348937289472834723 other flashes.
pretty noose was consuming the contents of my head so i have no idea what the dj sounded like,
saw a few collections on the runway i wanted to view more of - and alot of things off that i hope to never see again. 

high waisted belts for example.

goodnight philadelphia . see you tomorrow xx


sambaylissibram said...

wow the top outfit is sick

Amanda said...

love what you did with the hair wrap thing! you look so good lady :)

Anonymous said...

It's Danny!!!!!!!

Siouxsie said...

you look so fucking good. omg.

dirtyflaws said...

thanks mas xx

yoshi said...