he who tries, will be wasted.

©marcus jones // zackery michael // sah d'simone

more then usual i have been on a video posting binge.
but nothing really holds a candle to this.
jason last - you have a bit of my heart but this has been running through my veins since my topless inverted cross wearing friend in the video john brandow first sent it over to me a few days ago.
at first i didnt know what the hell i was watching but the noise was just so good i let it run. then played it again.
then again. then one more time.
the abundance of strategically placed leather straps, slaughtered garments ,eccentric odds and ends featured on each model...
ingenious styling by sah d'simone and photography by zackery michael

soon it all made sense.
i felt a little more sexy, rebellious and dirtier then ever.

and thats just from the video.

it is appropriately stated on site - "a community where motorcycle culture runs rampant"
i couldn't agree more.

motorcycle federation


TwistedLamb said...


May Kasahara said...

this is crazy amazing.

Queen Michelle said...

Wow. That was amazing. The soundtrack, the menacing feel to it, everything. At first I thought the colours were too bright and saturated to set the tone, but soon changed my mind. Brilliant.

Ryan said...

so amazing. went to the video release party last thursday and the store/party was just as sick and so cool... they're having another one tonight for a feature they have in V MAN... if anyone is in NY i highly suggest you check it out... 8-12 & there's even cheep beer :)

Louis said...

Just a head up for anyone wondering...
Photographed by Zackery Michael
Styled by Sah D'Simone

moded'amour said...

love those pictures!! nice blog!


Steph said...

gosh, you kill me. i just wanted to let you know, that i love your site. i'm actually using it as inspiration for my sculpture class. we have to take something recyclable & make it into something else. so i'm taking tires & making jewelry out of them. & the first thing that popped in my head was your website. industrial, black, metal. masculine vs feminine. a play on roles. it really has left a mark on me :) i'll have to take pictures & show you. <3

Ashley Thomas said...

who did that music?! I HAVE to know, pleeeease!!!

Dominus said...

music is by Nine Inch Nails, album Ghosts, tracks 23 and 24.
and yeah, awesome video!