taste the fear.

not a fan of the vampire movement. 
am a fan of this.

its floating around everywhere on the web today.

vogue nippon // december 2009.
happy halloween.

on a side note, 
doing this blog for over a year and its still makes me blush when people approach me about it when i'm out.
i really appreciate everyone who takes any amount of time, wether a few seconds or hours, 
sitting on here looking through the visual fragments of my brain. 
its incredible where dirtyflaws has taken me . and hopefully some of you. 


Amanda said...

beautiful styling/photography/art direction for that lipstick shot. WOW

NADINE said...

amazing that first shot!!
and there totally is a vampire movement.. thanks twilight haha

btw added you to my bloglist!<3


Nerdic.. said...

Perfect shot!
X, fashion-nerdic.

LIZ-piration said...

Wow amazing photographs!
love the dripping lipstick shot x