tell your children

i first heard about photographer juha arvid helminen from cakeheadlovesevil early this week -
 pulling for my own personal inspiration, i thought these were too good to keep secret.
love to know more about where the styling techniques derived from - 
the story line behind the collection of images i found.
maybe im not looking hard enough

video form accompanying nordvargr does an incredible story depiction.


MELINA said...

no, definitely not my case. these images remind me of 'silent hill' and this was the worst horror movie i've ever seen.

morbid bear said...

looks cool

Momma Moose said...

These girls remind me of the nuns I had in grade school,scary!:o

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So Good for Bunnies said...

His deviant art account http://immanuel.deviantart.com/ has some explanations of some of the images

ag said...

Oh this is just georgeous! Thank you very much for introducing this inspiring artist!

Tara said...

Oh My God. Fantastic.

Jason said...

It does kind of remind of something from the movie, "Silent Hill", but I still love them. Very inspiring and provoking images.


Jenny said...

Wow, definitely silent hill-esque. love it. super creepy.

May Kasahara said...

pyramid head!

sugarfrosted said...

Damn, somebody needs to tell Juha his work is getting so popular outside the whole goth/fetish circle, he'd be pleased.

sgulasch's gaslight said...

reminds me of www.erwinolaf.com