room service.

the room // © peter hapak // styling by andrea gonczy // hair by adam szabo
dress by the one and only kata szegedi


alter brooklyn//

kill city // drapey leather jacket // available at alter

buckles, straps, clipped.
fucking love this supple leather jacket from killcity.
( thank you bobby for bringing this to my attention )
id take either color gladly.
ive never been into alter but something tells me
i will be heading in next weekend when im back in new york x



vogue russia // december 09 // matthew irwin


roman ivancic // jannis tsipoulanis // andrej skok

via thefashionsto / andrejskok.blogspot

saturday .

with no intentions, i may or may not have been channeling le freak cest chic via contributing editor -
ive completely sunk into the androgynous zone as of a lately.
always did favor menswear with heavy lipgloss.



the vault // citizen k


citizen k // shannan click // fall-winter • 06-07

until it happens.

ive got all the candles lit for a friday night filled with online reading. aaaaand maybe a purchase.
shop experiment holding the hands of a few of my designer friends.
an experiment can be used to help solve practical problems and to support or negate theoretical assumptions.
the problem was no one knew where to get it. the solution was to show and let the rest do the rest.
aaron posted this matthew stone video a few weeks ago and it suddenly switched on again today -
adding to the collection of his work that consumes my itunes - from video to every variation of gareth pughs runway music.
currently playing through my house : gp ss 07


soft whispers.

i really like this / hitting the softer side / of course thrown with a leather jacket and boots

black widow.

katie gallagher // ss 2010



skull head piece by one of my favorites, charlie le mindu.

contributing editor // princes of wales // ©thomas lohr

grey would be the color if i had a heart //

another weekend in nyc.
i spent monday walking every square inch of the city making every unnecessary purchase you could think of.
it felt really good to do some heavy shopping.

some promising finds at the seven/bblessing/oak warehouse sale,
very few , but didnt walk away empty handed.

oh, and i had never gone into patricia fields before so i thought i would peak my head in -
slammed face first by large amounts of pink tulle and sequins
which were conveniently accompanied by the most unfriendly staff i have ever encountered.
huge bum out considering i heard patricia fields herself is an extremely rad chic x
whatever i just wanted black latex gloves

i am, however, forever grateful for getting one of the last pairs of the
jeffrey campbell clinic wedges thanks to that little spot in williamsburgh called oak.
this shoe beats all others i have purchased this season -
being one of the easiest to walk in and sparking a million ideas for DIYs.
oak has had some seriously good drops in the last few weeks i highly recommend.

mr campbell - if you need a full time advocate, you know where to find me.


i dont wanna go in the streets anymore.

c-heads magazine // issue #18

styling and wardrobe // yvonne reichmuth
photography // christoph kostlin

need that pyramid dress on my skin.


when the bow breaks.

a glass darkly // sublime #17


i cant sleep until i devour you.

a friend of mine, lauren, was kind enough to introduce her facebook live feed with a photo
of the knife blade ring from renee andrioles esty shop.
these four sold me, but theres 10 other rad pieces of wearable art im sure will find themselves in
the homes and on the hands of many of my close friends.

a new friend for my middle finger.
a blade exactly where it belongs.

the vault // numero france.

numero france // 9.2007
siri tollerod

i forgot how fucking good this spread was till i stumbled upon it again tonight.



ill be the one in all black.


in sheeps clothing.

after months of debating , finally crossed over to the dark side from the neck up.
100% winter wolf.
thank you chad xx

nyc sunday - tuesday.

big news post tomorrow night.
save your pennies itll be well worth it.



oh look my friday nights all booked.


rip daul kim