christmas comes a month early this year thanks to james over at blackmilk.
sleeks, shreds and black wetlook 
im dying to get these on and get some photos up xx

more over at 

thanks james xx


Jackie M. said...

I personally think their tights look cheap... but glad you got it as freebie

jackie-is-a-mole said...

Jackie M, you personally think their tights look cheap? wonder what your face looks like. Hm...maybe you should get a job and earn some money and buy some yourself you slag.

NOIR_XXX said...

shit me u brought some!!! they are amazing!
i love the silver caged leggings too!

Anonymous said...

I also bought some Shreds and Silver Spartans from James and I have a say they fit like a dream, it's like I am wearing a second skin, now I just hope James branches out and starts making body con dresses.

Anonymous said...

By the way James sells leggings not tights there are subtle differences. Anyway I agree BlackMilk clothing is not every ones cup of tea, but I can assure you that the clothes are well made and they are probably better than the tacky shit you see on the high street that are made by 7 year old children in 3rd world countries!!