clothing for the emotionally dispossessed //

i dont know how i came across gabriella marina gonzalez blog but im sure as hell glad i did.
this women is un real - these lookbook images of model catriona doused in compelete head to toe
 ...yes down to those spectacular claws on her feet... wardrobe created from the hands of gabriella
are immaculate, striking and overall - im ODing on fucking rad.


photos by leon mark holt


Vee @Novaa said...

those shoessssss! want.

Gisela said...

I always truly enjoy your wicked content! those shoes are freakin' sick! You totally kick ass and its my first time seeing pics of you, you are too hot! lol, for real.. Anyway, I wanted to invite you to join our very first contest to win a versace scarf..maybe this scarf is not up your rebel-alley but i'd still love to see how you would wear it.. up for the challenge? lol

Brittany said...

Those are some crazy shoes!

Anonymous said...

SO glad i stumbled across your blog
gorgeous darling!!!
great source of inspiration, im definitely coming back
ive also linked you!

check out my blog @

Aaron K. said...

my friend's ex-gf or something designed these!!

Dylan Skeletar said...
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Andrea said...

sigh...when will i ever be able to afford shoes like these...

Gabriella Gonzalez said...

I really appreciate your lovely write up. Gabriella Marina Gonzalez