i cant sleep until i devour you.

a friend of mine, lauren, was kind enough to introduce her facebook live feed with a photo
of the knife blade ring from renee andrioles esty shop.
these four sold me, but theres 10 other rad pieces of wearable art im sure will find themselves in
the homes and on the hands of many of my close friends.

a new friend for my middle finger.
a blade exactly where it belongs.


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Easily my favourite track off the new album. Amazing jewellery! Love the corset ring. x

Insomnia said...

I'm in love!

TheFashionAve said...

i thinks this stuff is illegal in germany :D:D:D lmfao.

Trista said...

God, her jewelry is exactly the way I like it-clean, modern and dangerous. Thanks for sharing.

gemma said...

oooh thanks for sharing i was wondering what was going to keep away the ex bf!

now i know muahahaha


Anonymous said...

god i love these! xx

JustNorman said...

definitely caught my eye.
i was sold at #4.

the blog that no one knows about

Wear to Get It said...

wow amazing
try getting through JFK security with those x