i always say im going to take a ton of photos....
then i reileze how much i hate taking a bag anywhere so the camera stays at home.

so basically randoms
i had a great weekend in newyork . really good to catch up with my parents, hang with friends i havent seen in months, make new ones ( i ran into cocamia and friends who read df at topshop - super rad chics x) - speaking of shopping, is there a retail drought because i couldnt find shit anywhere. really.
its ok - ill be back next weekend for that warehouse sale thank you x

and for anyone looking for something to do on a monday night,
my friend james does this party at greenhouse and all im saying is
any bar,club etc where alice in chains is played is a fucking good time to me.
remixed, interworked or not.



Ditte said...

that clutch is gorgeous! Where from?

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!

trigg and trig. said...

those shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

the first pic is so beautiful.

Gabrielle. said...

that. hur. is. sex.

you pull it off so lovely!

stells and co. said...

It was great meeting you at Topshop! Great post!!!!

Momma Moose said...

I just love that first photo.I like the movement.See sometimes a bad thing can turn out to be good!