last night.

got into new york last night - no snow / woke up this morning - fucking winter wonderland.
i love it - great way to end 2009. the city is completely covered , plans are still up in the air for the evening .
all that is certain is alex and i have to get out of this house to get cones so i can finish these boots for tonight.

my bag for the year.
o&s tote.

i can never find the "perfect bag" and when i thought i did with that deux lux number,
it was gone before i even had a chance.
but this bucket style tote bag won me over.

// jewelry : martha rotten , urban outfitters , harveys, chris habana, dark matter la , fashionology , grandmothers //


she comes on like a crippled plaything

heidi ackerman waders

cheek magazine 14 // she comes in waves

turn off the sun.

screenshots // fashiongonerogue

cheek magazine // fete noir


And things, well things, they tend to accumulate.

first saw these on thomas bloodhaus tumblr..

absolute dynamite.
i didnt give hannah holman a second look when i saw her in the urban outfitters catalog.
but this is is fucking gorgeous. she is my supreme pick.
and oddly enough , amongst heavy permanent display , her eye makeup is what first caught my eyes.


vogue russia // january 2010

aw poor bunny. choked on your own bullshit.

©lasse bak mejlvang

saga // 12.2009 // tfs


meet your master

i first saw this forever and a day ago in a lithium picnic shoot -
couldnt stop looking at it then, cant stop looking at it now.
i really fucking need this.

gula asymmetrical over bust leather corset // by antiseptic fashion.

etsy shop exploding with some rad fucking pieces and now 30% off.
better late then never


another version of the truth.

// test shoot gallery
x2 time around.



push it away but it all comes back.

©ram shergill

// zaid ghanem • couture a/w 2010 • model : polly fey //


verbal paralysis .

the subject of this post is self explanitory.

over the summer , dazed and confused was kind enough to introduced my eyes to luigi and luca
a small july teaching in the most seductive and explosive photography ,
touching with just the tip of the finger on key pieces in mind fucking exterior.
i posted about that issue here and recently found they were shown yet again on dazed digital .keep scrolling.
i could probably start a whole new page on photos from these two alone.

please dont stop.



never thought to question why

manual albarrans latest solid collection // luigi and luca


last corrected.

uploaded yesterday on the rad channel,
im slowing seeing my visual pattern obsession with haunting warped videos.


blkblln //

just when i thought i had posted every possible matthew brindle set - black balloon x2 .
always capturing the most aesthetically pleasing - making it so easy to fall in love.


the private life and permanent passion.

a year ago this january i added yet another tattoo onto my body,
along side various illustrations and a giant circut board -
the one some have dubbed as "the most hideous in runway history".
eric eaton had no idea what i handed to him but he did a fantastic job none the less

always joking " if i ever meet gareth pugh what the fuck am i going to say to him about this"
but really , what are the odds of that happening?

well we all now how that played out .

hands down the best night of my life.

the new ss2010 collection now available at luisaviaroma with an unexpected
silhouette graphic of perfection.
and yet again, mens exceeding.

can we talk about this ring?