mechanical obstruction ||

fucking unreal.

gareth pugh x nick knight x julia stegner x mercedes benz sls amg


would KILL to put my skin in this.
julia stegner looks incredible and nick knight has once again created a visual masterpiece
along side gareth pugh for the new mercedes bens sls amg ad campaign.

i really cant say it enough. every single piece on her body gives me chills.
truly the best of our time.

and the shoes. THE SHOES. i die.

special thanks to stylenoir for first posting this



trina's reality said...


Anonymous said...

searching for same blog engine

Wyna Noh said...

OMG! die 10 times! x

Catherine Day said...

Nick Knight is amazing, but his retouchers are even better

MC's Closet said...

wow. that is completely AMAZING.
& yes the shoes are wonderousss!!!!


Siouxsie said...

never lets us down.

Mary.B. said...

wow. crap. literally took my breath away. sick with it.

Anonymous said...

no - it's tacky beyond words

SEMii said...


Teresa said...

OMG, the SHOES! Gareth is incredible.

Blair said...

The first photo is mind blowing.Very impressive.And Oh how I love that car.:-]

Anonymous said...

its amazing. even the behind the scenes shots.